There wasn’t much for a kid to do at a party like this.  The adults seemed to want to kick the children underfoot like they were something to be ashamed of- that was if they weren’t being put on display for their good grooming or polite behavior or talents.  How many times had young Birch told the old wind bags here about his school and what a great program it had and how much enriching culture he had access to.  It was a bore and Birch was itching to try something.

He just had to somehow get out of here without anyone noticing.  An annoyingly difficult feat because Birch was solid and completely visible to everyone.  Also the whole “just woke up from a coma with no brain activity” thing meant that everyone wanted to have a few words with the miracle child.

Ugh, the real Birch Leif Schimpeli was lucky to be dead.

Birch saw his opportunity when a late arrival walked through the door.  Some politician or something.  He was important alright, but he was small fries next to Birch himself or, rather, the demon possessing his body.  Someday the entity’s plans would involve the Oregon senator, just not right now.  Birch slipped out of the room with surprising grace for a person made of flesh and bone.

He traveled up the steps quickly, resisting a urge to look over his shoulder.  Too long he had been separated from his many eyes- one of the downfalls of being in a vessel.  It would be over soon, however.  As soon as he obtained those documents from Preston Northwest’s office he could leave this expired flesh bag to finally die as its spirit had and be on his way. 

Unfortunately there was an obstacle in his path: a door.  Specifically, a locked door, which Birch did not possess a key to.  Bill briefly left his host and phased through the door, but of course in his own.  He located their placement in the office, and even put his ghostly hand on one of them, but of course without a vessel he could do no more than phase through them a couple of times.  He rejoined the vessel he had acquired, and paced as Birch Leif in front of the door.  Alright, so needed to get a key, then he could glaum those documents.  

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